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Links to Artists Resources

I have no connection with the businesses and organizations on this page except as a customer or user. These people have all given me good service and I believe that they should be recognized.

www.Wetcanvas.com is the largest artists forum on the web. It has something for everyone interested in art.

www.ArtistTrust.org has a large number of exhibiting and employment listings for artists.

             I do fine art printing  with Epson and Canon Printers.  www.Inkjetart.com has a lot of information on Epson printers and second party inks and paper for Epson.

            www.MaxPatchink.com has discounted factory authorized ink and second party cartridges for most printers. They have links to a large number of free programs of interest to artists, photographers and digital printers. Prices and service are excellent.

            I currently get most of my printing paper from Red River www.redrivercatalog.com
They offer a large selection of paper and provide free tutorials, programs and printer profiles.
            Arts Umbrella www.arts-umbrella.com is an arts center owned by Liana Bennett. She features many teachers and many classes for youth through adults, covering a variety of media. A hallmark of her studio is a creative, relaxed, and supportive atmosphere. 

            Gallery North is an excellent venue for emerging artists. www.Gallery-North.com 

508 Main Street
Edmonds, Washington  98037


Gallery North was established in 1969 and is owned and operated by and for its members. It was formed to promote the enjoyment and appreciation of art and to benefit local artists by providing exposure for their art.
For information about membership,call during business hours.

            Painting Instructor Ted Pankowski  has the only Saturday  class in the area. He is a member of the Puget Sound Group and President of EAFA.